dresser re-do

2 August 2009

mydresser2_web In need of pretty much everything: couch, table, chairs, rugs… everything… for a new apartment, I happened upon this dresser at the Women’s Club of Minneapolis’ sale.  We arrived about 15 minutes before it was officially over, and needless to say, it was picked over and the women were packing up.  But surprisingly, they were not irritated with us, and encouraged us to keep shopping: everything was now 1/2 off.  My friend Leah got an interesting green print of religious figures in a gold frame, and I bagged this dresser for 15$.  A nice deal, though two of the round knobs had split and the dovetailing of one of the joints was coming apart (hey, lucky I’m well-versed in wood glue, clamps and screws <can be sung to the tune of “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves”>).  The feet reminded me of the bureau in Beauty and the Beast, and the knobs of the buttons of a great, long, 60s, wool coat.  One woman in the club even offered to deliver it for me (had a big SUV).

When I asked for a quart of ‘copper penny’ at the hardware store, the worker was hesitant to mix the paint for me, but I assured him that I could handle the saturated burnt orange… which, by the way, is not the color of a copper penny (not that I expected that).  I cleaned it off with TSP and got to painting.  I replaced the broken knobs with the good ones from the narrow top drawer.  I bought ceramic white flower knobs at Anthropologie on clearance for $2.95 each.  It was serendipitous: they were a design I loved (organic forms with pointy edges to contrast the repetition of the circular knobs) the right color (to pop out in the orange), big enough, on sale, and 2 of 2 left in the store!

The runner was recycled from material from an old sheet which I had originally used to make a curtain that just didn’t quite work.  The orange in it is even more vibrant than the dresser.  Atop the dresser sits a poodle planter with a fragrant lavender plant nesting inside.  And it just so happened that July in my calendar of vintage Italian travel prints had a pop of zinging orange.  Giving new life to a neglected piece of furniture… nothing more satisfying.


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