magazine rack.

3 August 2009

magrackdetail_webmagrack_webAfter completing my work for the big apprentice exhibition in January, I wasn’t quite ready to take a break from working.

I had just gotten a few magazine subscriptions for Christmas (dwell, american craft, and Domino <RIP>), and all had consistently interesting cover images, so I decided to find a way to showcase them.

I always had a great love for the ‘presto black’ steel patina, which, as you can tell from the finish of the rack, oxidizes the metal.  It also allows for a surprising amount of control in manipulating the results.  I wanted to use the finish to give the bold and modern-looking magazines a more organic, older-looking home.  It moves the steel away from its typical cold, sharp, uninviting state.

The piece sits about an inch away from the wall, and this space (touching the wall only at the very top and very bottom) gives it a nice buoyancy.  Bent metal ‘shelves’ hold the magazines on the bottom, and strips keep them in place near the top.  The bending machine in the studio was ancient, and held together by a bungee cord (it’s complicated to explain), so needless to say, the bends weren’t perfect, but that didn’t matter in this instance.  I like the slight variation in the various elements of the rack.  It gives it a more welcoming feel, as opposed to something precisely manufactured in steel.  The rounded bends led me to round the edges of the ‘shelf’ corners as well.  All elements are mechanically fastened with pop rivets (which are so gratifying!).

An evening well spent in the metal studio.


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