Jewel Flowers

15 August 2009

cardboard paintingWhile on a mini-holiday at my parent’s house in rural MN, I decided to document a “decorative” painting I made using cardboard layers stapled to a wooden frame, a lot of gesso (at least a pint), and acrylic paint.  It was originally made for a darker green wall that was somewhat overwhelming and needed to be broken up a bit.  This is why I chose a primarily white background with bits of green which add dimension, accentuate the cardboard edges, and hearken back to the color of the wall behind it.

The design is something I’m always doodling–weird, jewel-like flowers.  And lately, I just have a thing for orange. (Note the banner of this blog, my dresser, and website background).  Overkill?  Let me know.  Anyhow, I donated this to my parents, as it is quite large (48″x32″), and I didn’t want to cart it around with my on the 3 moves I’ve done in a little over a year.

I still really like the idea of using deconstructed, corrugated cardboard as a painting surface.  As someone who works primarily in sculpture, I am attached to texture.  So, a ‘painting’ though it may be, it’s at least crossing over into a more three dimensional realm.


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