14 September 2009

birthday zine

Instant zine!

All it takes is

-a standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper



-a bone folder (or other creasing tool- a paper clip will work)

Only 4 folds, one cut, and you’re there!  (it is in its unfolded state above, of course)

1. Fold the paper lengthwise (“hot dog” style) and unfold.

2. Fold in half the other way. (Note: Go over every well with bone folder!)

3. Fold the outside edges into the middle crease, creating an accordion of sorts. Unfold.

4. Cut a slit on the lengthwise fold from the center to the beginning of the folds created in step 3.

5.  Insta-book/zine: re-fold the lengthwise fold, and book pops into form.  Re-crease your folds and decorate!


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