Animal Tables

28 April 2010

Holy lack of posts, Batman.  Now outside of the haze of winter… I am ready to revamp and boost (sounds like a hair product) my creative output.

Currently I am working on a series of animal and frame drawings for a friend’s wedding.  She is a zookeeper (animal obsessed, needless to say) with impeccable taste (born to have a Martha Stewart-approved wedding), and of course there is nothing more fun to draw than animals.  The drawings will mark the different tables, and each guest will receive a place card with their animal, then go on safari to find their table.  A perfect project to work on– many animals to draw, so it’s like an exercise to get me back in the habit of drawing again.

I’m keeping the drawings of the animals pretty simple, as the frames I drew are more detailed, and the animals must be readable from afar.  Colors are lighter tints, as to bring a touch of color, character, and life to the drawings, but not too much to offset the subtle pallet already established by other decor (mostly pink and gold).

I’m thinking of printing sets of note cards (a whole zoo!) with these images to sell at my Etsy Store (to be established soon!).  I may post more of these as I churn them out.


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